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Projection Dance in new film –
Missed Nuance

After Niv Novak’s slow-motion dance project ‘extension’ in 2017, comes ‘missed
nuance’, a similar project with a different look.

Dancers from international ballet companies wore designer garments to be captured by exquisite lighting, and state-of-the-art filmmaking technology, to produce a work-of-art that showcases the extreme athleticism of dance, but also its sublime beauty, all in minisculy detailed slow-motion.

Film and online viewing:

‘Missed Nuance’ the movie is available worldwide on iTunes today.

La Jeune Femme et la Mort

La Jeune Femme et la Mort is a new short film choreographed and directed by Tim Podesta and starring international star dancers Mara Galeazzi & Marlon Dino. Based on the classic Roland Petit ballet- Le Jeune Homme et la Mort, It tells the story of a woman driven to suicide by her faithless lover.

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