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The Projection Dance Outreach programs are about guiding people, using the body as an expressive instrument and becoming something, you can feel comfortable doing, regardless of your skill level. Workshops range from beginner to advanced, focussing on technique and skill development as well as unleashing creative and choreographic possibilities. It’s our mission to positively impact the people and communities regardless of location by helping to facilitate ongoing educational programs and support local dance education. Our range of programs suits individuals, private groups, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions from one hour to residencies of one month and longer.

Ballet Masterclass Series

Geography shouldn’t impact your ability to gain insight into ballet training and the professional industry. The Projection Dance Online Ballet Masterclass Series allows you to access our team of industry professionals and learn from all aspects of what it means to be a dancer from your personal device.

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Projection Dance School

Projection Dance School offers many classes programs to suit a variety of age groups and abilities including; Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and creative choreography classes. Ranging from Projection’s Associate program, running after school and on weekends to Projection’s full-time Elite Aspirant and Junior Aspirant program running during the day, there are many opportunities for the students to learn and grow.

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Junior Artist Program

The Junior Artist program has been designed specifically for artists making the transition from young dancers to professional artists and covers all facets required for the Junior Artist to be best prepared to enter the performing arts industry. The Junior Artists work with professional dancers and creative teams in an environment that is professional, sharing and encourages contributions to the creative process.

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